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VMware vRealize Automation: What's New [V7.3 to V7.5] - On Demand

Format: Subscription

Length: 30 Days


This course introduces you to the new features of VMware vRealize® Automation™ V7.5. You will learn how to use the new features, design changes, and enhancements in the vRealize Automation platform.

Product Alignment
•  vRealize Automation 7.5


Objectives:    By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Describe and configure Just-In-Time Users
•  Describe and configure new features in Custom Forms
•  Use Blueprints that provision from OVF and OVA packages
•  Describe the VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™ Dashboard Integration
•  Describe integration between vRealize Automation and other VMware products by using VMware
   vRealize® Lifecycle Manager™
•  Describe various miscellaneous enhancements to vRealize Automation in versions 7.4 and 7.5 (request
   abort, NSX-T, Health Check, Multitenancy)
•  Describe 3rd party endpoint enhancements (Amazon and Azure)
•  Describe and configure Containers and use them to deploy applications
Intended Audience:    Experienced system administrators and system integrators responsible for designing and implementing vRealize Automation
Prerequisites:    This course presumes that you have taken the VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V7.3] course. You should have a basic understanding of how to install and configure vRealize Automation.

The student should be able to perform the following tasks:
•  Install and configure vRealize Automation
•  Configure user groups and permissions
•  Establish entitlements and policies
•  Configure IaaS endpoints

If you cannot perform all of these tasks, VMware recommends that you complete the VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V7.3] course.
Outline:    1  Course Introduction
•  Introductions and course logistics
•  Course objectives

2  Just-In-Time Users
•  Describe Just-in-Time user provisioning
•  Describe the configuration of Just-in-Time user provisioning
•  Describe how Just-in-Time user provisioning allows you to change from internal vRealize Automation
   identity to external authentication

3  Custom Forms
•  Add a custom form to a blueprint
•  Manage the tabs and basic design of a form
•  Add blueprint elements to a form
•  Use variable information
•  Enable conditions and limiters on form elements
•  Activate or deactivate a form

4  vRealize Operations Manager Integration Enhancements
•  Describe vRealize Operations Manager dashboard integration with vRealize Automation
•  Discuss badges and monitoring within vRealize Operations
•  Describe predictive analysis
•  Discuss placement policies
•  Use the reclamation system

5  VRO Integration Enhancements
•  Use the vRealize Orchestrator Monitor to search and examine vRealize Orchestrator inventory items
•  Use the vRealize Orchestrator Monitor to run or schedule workflows
•  Use the vRealize Orchestrator Monitor to monitor workflow execution
•  Use the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center to configure workflow profiling
•  Use the vRealize Automation VMware Appliance Management Interface (VAMI) console to manage
   vRealize Orchestrator cluster configuration

6  General Enhancements
•  Describe the vRealize Automation UI enhancements
•  Describe Azure endpoint enhancements in vRealize Automation
•  Describe Google Cloud Platform endpoint enhancements in vRealize Automation
•  Describe ServiceNow integration in vRealize Automation

7  Endpoint Enhancements
•  Describe Amazon endpoint enhancements in vRealize Automation
•  Author an application blueprint
•  Deploy an application blueprint from the service catalog

8  Containers
•  Describe what Docker is and what it can do
•  Describe how Docker and Kubernetes can manage containers
•  Describe the role of Kubernetes in vRealize Automation environments
•  Describe Harbor
•  Describe the configuration of endpoints for vRealize Automation to manage container systems
•  Describe the configuration of endpoints for vRealize Automation to manage container systems

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